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dining | movement

DECONSTRUCTED Underground Kitchen is a progressive, private, invitation only supperclub concept presented by Chef Derricka Clayton. each event hosts up to 20 guests, selected at random from our Reservation List, involving people who sincerely love the heart and soul of food, the passion and dedication of the Chef,  the togetherness shared in moments of fellowship and the distinctive presentation on how (and where) each course is served. 

this interactive affair allows guests to be seated and served in a progressive dining style from one room to another, as each will present a different tone, environment,

and vibe from the next. 

every event is completely different and no experience or menu will be the same.

Image by Louis Hansel

creativity | unleashed

the DECONSTRUCTED Underground concept is a platform (or a culinary playground) to allow

Chef Derricka to create, execute and serve interpretive dishes that she has always wanted to prepare and present without any restraints.  the concept presents an eccentric approach to cuisine in the manner of interpretation, flavor, presentation, and inspirational storytelling to allow you to get in the mind of the expressive culinary artist. this unique culinary creative space will provide Guest Chefs to also collaborate with the chef to also bring a different perspective to the "table."

you will enjoy a prix fixe, multi-course meal served tapas style with a wine pairing option (or occasional pairings with cocktails and/or beer). menus are theme-based and can range from comforting to quirky, familiar to esoteric.  

you are a welcomed guest among our presence, and we have prepared for you our love for food in a notable artform. respectfully, due to the nature of our service, dishes cannot be altered.

Image by Paul Morley

fare | vibes

DECONSTRUCTED Underground Kitchen is not a restaurant, but more of an exclusive private supperclub experience. as a guest, if you are selected from the Reservation List, you will be given an opportunity to purchase tickets for the event. price for this is experience covers ingredient costs, time and labor invested by Chef Derricka and her entire team.  all tickets must be purchased prior to the event date as we are not selling tickets at the door nor will we accept any guests on the event date.

We accept all major credit cards. gratuities are welcome as it helps us keep this interesting vibe & food concept going.

5 Course Tapas Menu  $110 per person
Add-On Wine/Libation Pairing Option +$65 per person

come as you are. DECONSTRUCTED Underground is a casual, interactive and fun way to experience innovative dining. if anything, prepare to enjoy a casual evening celebrating the art of food and a social atmosphere of being among great company. 


Image by Corina Rainer
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