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Image by Dmitry Ganin

menu | accommodations

with adequate notice prior to your reservation, we will do our very best to accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions with the products that we are serving. as a reminder, due to the nature of our service, dishes cannot be altered. at this time, we cannot accommodate a vegan or gluten free menu.

the menu is ever changing frequently. you can follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the most current menu updates and photos.

ultimately, my goal is to free your mind and your palate when you join us. deconstructed underground kitchen is a culinary escapade and we want you to carefully weigh in on your dietary preferences with the overall journey of the evening. 

*allergens | dietary restrictions

let's be clear...
DECONSTRUCTED Underground Kitchen is not a restaurant

impartial | preferences
we often hear things like, “I don’t like this,” or “I don’t eat that.”  however, upon further inquiry, we often find that it’s not a food allergy or restriction, it’s just that the guest has never enjoyed eating the foods in the past.  often times, clients have told us, “You know, I absolutely HATE _____ and I was concerned when I saw it on the menu.  However it was absolutely delicious” so with that in mind, for your deconstructed underground experience, we simply recommend you put aside dietary preferences and allow us to introduce you to the absolutely incredible and tasty way to prepare any foods you may not be thrilled about for at the present time.  we have turned a plethora of non-eaters to believers at our table.

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